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Moe R. White
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Hello everyone! My name is Melanie, but you can call me Moe. Most people do. I am just a typical, nice, crazy, and fun-loving 25 year old gal who loves to hang out with friends and family, listen to all kinds of music (Except rap-crap), but most of all, I LOVE to draw in my spare time!

First things first, there is one thing you should all know about me. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I have been studying since the age of 13 and got baptized on February 16, 2008 with a group of my closest friends. Couldn't have been baptized on a better day! If you have any questions about us JW's, feel free to ask away. (Preferably in a note please) I will answer any question you have the best that I can.

I love drawing a lot of different things such as fanART, original characters, animals, fantasy, creatures, real life people like celebrities, etc...But there are some I REFUSE to pick up a pencil for and sketch on paper.

I will NOT draw:
~Porn/fetish artworks
~Exremely violent/major blood bath/gory murder scenes <~ [A li'l blood is okay.]
~Furries/Anthro <~ [Disney & Don Bluth don't count!]
~Occult, witches, or wizards
~Demons, devils, gods, goddesses, or angels
~Shounen/shojo ai or yaoi/yuri
~Halloween/Christmas & other holidays
~Religious icon symbols

If you do not like and/or cannot accept me for who I am and what I do, then simply un-watch me and go to another artist's profile. I could not care less! For some reason if you are rude or disrespectful to me and start “bashing” on my artworks just because it is something you do not like, I will be rude back. I don't care if I hurt your feelings. You get what you give!

I consider myself as a cartoonist and I hope to pursue a career as one someday. My drawing style is basically an anime style with a ‘cartoon-y’ side to each pieces of my artworks. I draw lots of things like fan arts from various shows and movies I like. And sometimes, I will even draw comics, take photography pictures, or I’ll draw some original artworks…But when I say “original artworks,” I mean OC’s. (Original characters) Just for those of you who don’t know.

The materials I use to draw are my sketch books and HB pencils. Sometimes, I will trace my sketches with my black prisma pens if I don’t feel like making the lineart on my photoshop. I enjoy working on all kinds of new artworks for me and for all of you guys. I always have a lot of fun coming up with new techniques and learning new ideas and trying them out on my drawings! I enjoy it a lot.

Well, that is all you guys pretty much have to know about me and my artworks, but if you are curious about anything else, please feel free to ask me and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. I hope you have a wonderful day freaks! :blowkiss: ~:heart:

~Mo3 :rose:
So hey guys! Long time no talk. First off, I really wanted to bring up the subject on my absence for the past few years now & why I have not been submitting a whole lot of art. And I figured since today officially marks my dAnniversary, what better day to make a journal. I will try to not make this journal the very same as my last few journals. So bear with me please.

I just want all of you guys to know that just because I don't post any drawings at all anymore doesn't mean that I have lost my love for drawing. In fact, I still have past sketch books from 2013 - 2016(Even recently since the new year) full of sketches & lots inked with my prisma pens. There hasn't been a day that has gone by when I didn't want to share them all with you. But obviously I haven't because one of the main reasons being(Which I am ashamed to admit honestly) is my lack of motivation. And the other reason for the lack of motivation is my anxiety and depression diagnosis-es.

For those who may not understand, anxiety and depression are both real mental illnesses that have a huge interference in everyday life. Both different conditions that commonly occur together, and I unfortunately am one of others that has them both. I was first diagnosed with depression back in January 2012 & my anxiety on July 2013. Since the very beginning I have had to take medications just to help me function properly. Since then I have tried remaining positive, helping my loved ones when they need me, and giving a smile, even when I just want to curl up in a ball in the dark and cry. Of course I do stand up for myself when I need to and to those who matter the most to me. I have let my yes mean yes and my no mean no. I've been standing my ground and found that just looking on the bright side and counting all the blessing & the things I do have in my life have been exceptionally helpful and have made me happier. Happier now than looking back at my teen years, which I refuse to look back on since it is in my past for a reason. All the things I've done & regretted later on only bring me down.

Although the current meds I am taking are helping tremendously with taking care of my grandma at home & managing my job, I am still struggling with motivating myself to go do things that use to make me really happy. There are more obvious reasons of course for my diagnosis-es, but I'm only going to explain the lack of art. I am able to motivate myself to draw at times, but when it comes to posting them online that is where the anxiety starts to kick in. When I look at all the wonderful artists that have inspired me then & now from not just here but also artists who have tumblr accounts just for their art, I can't help but be so inspired to be the best I can be when it comes to being a cartoonist. This may sound kinda selfish & maybe cliche, but when I look at how talented these cartoonists are and how happy they are, especially receiving the feedback they truly deserve from their loyal fans, I also cannot help but be sorta jealous. But mostly feeling bad and looking at the art & the ones I am proud of done by myself and thinking that they aren't as wonderfully creative and thoughtfully put together like the other artists pieces are.

But hey, when I do start feeling bad I just stop myself from the negativity and just remember my first few years here on deviantART when I began even sharing my artworks in the first place. How happy I have made some others and reading back at all the comments/critiques I have received that have made me crack a smile. After a while submitting more and more artworks I have gained many faves & tons of followers as well for the hard work I've done. That is what kept me going all along. And for all of that I thank each and every single one of those guys, and to all of my faithful watchers as well.

Even though I may not submit artwork as much anymore, I never stopped coming back to this site and looking back. Someday when I do get my schedule all together and have more free time and motivation & inspiration, maybe I will start submitting more art in the near future. But in the mean time I only plan on taking care of my mental health and of course my friends & family who have continued to support me through all my hardships. I hope you guys understand. So please be patient and pray for me. I miss you all very much. Have a fantastic & safe 2017.

~Mo3 :heart:
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